The Promise of CPM Solutions

Integrated Data

Management systems today do a good job of management reporting and rudimentary business analysis, but these information and process islands are usually disconnected from real-world decisions and corporate actions. Think about who owns these initiatives in your organization: finance, IT, the lines-of-business, operations and other corporate functions—there is probably more duplication of effort (and systems) than you know. The promise of CPM is to bring together these processes and technologies into an integrated system with unified way of managing your business that is more powerful than its individual parts. A true “management system” integrates all areas of the business from a common strategy and vision, through a common business language, and establishes a culture of accountability and results.

Flexibility to Evolve

To add value in today’s rapidly changing, increasingly complex, and global business environment, your management system must be able to quickly adapt to all kinds of change: organizational, market, competitive, and regulatory change.  It must assist in fact-based decision-making, it must provide an environment for continuous, collaborative “what if” modeling and analysis that interconnects uncertainty, risk, and volatility, and it must give visibility and insight into the true drivers of value in the business. And on top of all that, to drive the right behavior, it must directly connect performance to results and compensation.

Strategy Alignment

At its heart, CPM integrates the myriad of answers to complex questions including: “What do we want to happen in the business, and what is the right way to make it happen?” CPM helps align the answers with strategy using the right balance of standardization and flexibility to drive sustainable performance. An integrated CPM system serves as the foundation for building an agile enterprise. It delivers a balance of standardization and flexibility through a common user interface, to corporate definitions, calculations, processes, reports and many other essential tools to help you run a better business.