Welcome to the Resource Center

You've come to the right place to learn about Performance Management. From the latest product information, industry trends, best practices and Performance Management terminology, Boston Harbor Consulting's Resource Center is our library of all things smart about Performance Management. We have product information. We have analysts' insights. We have  videos. We have great links and more. The Resource Center is objective, informative – and it's all yours. So take a free tour right now.

There are six main areas:

Product Profiles - Want to learn more about the available product options without the hype and  propaganda from company literature? Sure you do. Take a look tour through our Product Profiles section where we highlight the leading performance management product features, PM 2.0 assessment, pricing and more.

Video Library - 'Your what, where and when guide' to performance management videos. You have some time on your hands and want to find out what leading experts have to say, browse through our video collection. We have numerous product demonstrations and training videos too. No Netflix membership needed either. Check out the videos in our library any day, any time--for free!

Document Library - Our performance management document library is unparalleled on the Internet. We have searched through hundreds of sites to find the best information available from leading experts, research organizations, magazines and press. Topics range from planning and budgeting, financial modeling, business intelligence to the application of Web 2.0 technologies in performance management systems.
Events Calendar - With so many webinars, trade show events, product releases and mergers, it's hard to keep track of what's new in performance management. Well, don't worry, we do it for you. Our events calendar lists dozens of opportunities for you to learn more and exchange ideas with your friends and colleagues.

Screen Shots Gallery -Did you ever want to take a quick look at a product without having to go through the hassle of downloading a free trial.  And what about products that don't offer a free trial?  The Boston Harbor Consulting Screen Shots Gallery solves these problems for you by offering an easy to browse gallery of screen shots from the top CPM products on the market.  No more guessing, take a look and see for yourself.