Once the pricing is done, the system assits the user in generation of the best quote based on pre defined templates. IT also allows for saving into different formats for easy accessibility. The Quote process also supports multiple reviews to make it more accurate with no compromises.

Automated Quotes

Quote creation is done on the click of a button. The quote is well formatted and is updated with the CRM integrated with the CPQ. The automatic quote created includes all the tables, charts and graphics.

The quote thus available in CRM can keep the Forecast up to date.

Versatile Templates

Communications with the customer is handled in a consistent manner without missing any details. The system allows to create template, and allowing to attach other supplements like brouchers, datasheets or specifications. The system allows to send the completed quotation to the customer and tracking the events like time when they receive and review them.


The system seamlessly integrates with Salesforce and other CRM. This enables the data to be available within the screens of the system that includes the interfaces in the mobile devices.

The system also supports offline device, wherein the relevant data has been downloaded, and the updates may be synced later.

Review Quotes

Complex Qoutes needs to be reviewed multiple times. These revision would have several version as the sales team negotiates and updates the quotes. All the version of the quote are available in the system and it the data may be reviewed by keeping them side by side and comparing.