The system allows to price the product, to match the competition. It also allows for pricing the product to take advantage of up selling and cross selling.

Many of the pricing and quotation requires approval from various people before it would be acceptable. The system streamlines this process thus giving the most optimal price for products and services.

Multi-Tier Pricing

Callidus CPQ can handle pricing based on market or contract that may include currency conversions, one time or recurring fees, purcahses or lease and other selling scenarios. This feature supports multiple partner channels, geographes and currencies. Here one can cantrol the availabiltiy, pricing or discounting or other based again on channel, geography, industry, customer or calendar.

Up Sell and Cross Sell

Up Selling and Cross Selling could help in making business more profitable. It is a way in which channel partners can also be rewarded.

The system would provide a real time sales guidance that would help the sales person to understand and leverage intelligent upselling and cross selling. The system provides automated recommendations of premium products and information of a larger incentive for an alternate product or increased quantity. Related products, accessories or services are also suggested.

Combination or bundling of products also helps in maximizing revenues.

Streamlined Approvals

Quote creation requires approval for number of reason. Several thresholds like, discount, time to deliver, or non-standard terms etc. needs to be taken up with the right authority. The margin-health indicator helps throughout the negotiation to offer an optimum quote for the customer. The system can be configured to identify when the approval can be automatic and when it would require an approval. This feature enhances the time to deliver the quote thus giving a huge competitive edge in the process.