Enabling Cloud for Business

We specialize in the implementation of CPQ (Configure, Price and Quote) and SPM (Sales Performance Management).

Boston has partnered with industry leaders in providing cloud-based business solutions. We do an independent implementation of these solutions featuring Callidus Cloud CPQ and SPM.

Configure, Price, Quote

CPQ transforms buying experience by allowing the customer to choose the right product, make adjustments based on budget and requirement. This means spending optimal amount based on the resource requirement where the customer can choose what product best suits his requirement.

CPQ is the bridge that streamlines and connects the Customer Relation and the Fulfillment system of an organization. Typical opportunities identified in a CRM system needs to convert into orders. The process could be tedious as it would involve tweaks into offerings to customer for creating optimal quotes and service contracts. CPQ allows to configure the product, however complex, and price them with all possible combinations.

Sales Performance Management

Sales management is a discipline for managing sales strategies. A business that sells products and services must align the commissions, compensation and quota planning in line with the organiztions objectives. SPM enables a business effectively manage sales by setting the goals and defining the performance indicators.

Callidus Cloud SPM is an effective SPM solution that can integrate with various departments and systems. Boston has successfully implemented Callidus cloud based solution with several organization.

How we do it.