CPQ - allows for configuration of products and services with the flexibity of having unlimited number of products and managing the way it should be priced. A product life cycle from the time of it being available for sale is well managed with the most flexible options to manage the product.

Countless Products

Product Catalog from Callidus Cloud allows to manage unlimited number of products, and categories and sub categories. The catalog also supports as many images, graphics, videos, multimedia content. This makes easy for sales person to find the products and access the details of its configurations.

Flexible Product Definition

The configurator can adapt to the product numbering scheme supported, and allow to configure at a very granular level. A product may follow. The configurator can validate any part number even if there are billions of them.

Steering the sale

This feature allows to find the product using simple questions. The feature presents the information to the sales representative, and suggests options for the product and also the alternatives for the need.

Analyzing Competition

Users can enter part number the system can automatically suggest the products that are based on best match / near match / exact match. The system can also alert if there are no simillar product. This feature speeds sales onboarding and response time in competitive situation.

Timeline Management

The product life cycle for when the product would be available or launched, and when it should be taken out can be configured into the system.

The system would automatically remove the product from the catalog once the life cycle has ended.