We Help You Navigate...Business Intelligence

Better Systems = Better Data...

Boston Harbor Consulting helps clients implement business intelligence — from basic query and reporting systems to data warehouses, and advanced analytics — we turn data assets into strategic assets; helping clients identify trends, react earlier, and navigate the future.

Our mission at Boston Harbor Consulting is to help bring affordable Business Intelligence and Performance Management applications to our clients to assist in all aspects of financial reporting, compliance and business strategy management. Our engagement teams include highly skilled professionals with certified expertise and can assist you in making the right moves early in your decision process to ensure the best outcome for your team.

Our  team  members  understand  the  challenges  many
of you face every day. From the slowdown in the economy
to  the  myriad  of  technical  gotchas that are part of any
application;  new  or  old.  Our engagement teams include
experienced  resources  in  database  and  OLAP  systems
design  and  development,  but  more  importantly,  we
understand how to translate your business challenges into
innovative technology solutions.

...Better Data = Better Decisions

High Quality data that is current and easy to access is an essential part of effective decision making for companies at any level.  Our design and implementation services are focused on better information reporting and performance management to help you stay on track with your strategic objectives.

Give us a call for a free assessment and we will help you participate in the next generation ofaffordable and easy to use performance management application.